Sergio Borsani
5thDimension OLG bySB

5thDimension OLG bySB

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  • Type: indicator

  • Download and place in the folder MQL4 -> Indicators

  • Version: 15AA

  • File type: ex4

  • Size (in your PC after download): 65.8 kB

  • MD5: 4b68c6bdeef8973c2608d2763be044ce

The idea behind the 5thdimension indicator is to analyze the action of the volume to complement the analysis of price action especially in smaller time frames (M1 is remarkable).
It's too late but the indicator 5thdimension should be called: VolumeAction.
5thDimension_OLG is Offline chart generator according to the idea of 5thDimension_sw indicator.

If you haven't already done so, see 5thDimension sw bySB