Sergio Borsani
5thDimension sw bySB

5thDimension sw bySB

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  • Type: indicator

  • Download and place in the folder MQL4 -> Indicators

  • Version: 15AD

  • File type: ex4

  • Size (in your PC after download): 35.3 kB

  • MD5: 961026084e30498378eea62bb24bf685

Have you ever wondered how would look the graph if instead of draw the candles by price range will be made-up by volume range?
Thus in this way!
The question of the million is: does it serve for anything?
I honestly do not know, on the one hand, many "coincidences" are seen and on the other if your broker has a different volume you will see a different graphic to which I see, though maybe there is not much difference since what matters is the ratio of volumes between candles and not the absolute value of each volume.

I suppose that the fifth dimension might be something like that, hence the name.

One suggestion, pay attention to the divergences.

If you find an application in its operative let me know.

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